It is good that my right arm is recovering, and I am able to address this appeal to everybody as an open letter.

It is good that with the help of our educational calendar, we managed to make our annual festivities Sebastatsi Days open-working with Sebastatsi learners, educators, parents, and friends. We were able to present the achievements, developments and problems of our 30 years old author pedagogy through everyday educational trainings and projects in the research experimental union Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex. 

It is good that with the Sebastatsi community we have endorsed the core of our work for thirty years: we are an Educational Garden in a Residential Suburb. This is a pedagogical creation, our main achievement which can be spread across Yerevan, and throughout Armenia with our further activities.

Curriculum-defined and educational calendar-based lessons in the schools of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex beginning from 5-year-old age groups, use the educational environment, resources, workshops, studios, laboratories of the educational centers of the Educomplex schools and College which are in a residential suburb, and the environment becomes organic thanks to safe passages. The East-West Educational Cascade has long been in operation. It is safe in the South. The 2020-2022 development plan sets out our work for the South West passage. And in 2019 our decisive work is the North-South passage.

It is good that we managed to withstand the perversion of the Educational Garden with a   living barrier showing our self-defense ability as citizen-authorities, permanent residents struggling for us and our green environment.

It is good that there is the offer by the Chief Architect of Yerevan which evaluates our project of Educational Garden as an example which can be localized in Yerevan’s other residential suburbs. 

It is good that immediately after the visit and acquaintance, on the initiative of the Mayor of Yerevan, the uncared for hillside near the school was improved and put in good order in the shortest time possible, and now it is an important, inclusive, cared for open hub in our residential suburb.

It is good that there is a suggestion of the Urban Development Committee of the Republic of Armenia to discuss the case of the educational garden with the participation of all the stakeholders.

It is good that by the assignment of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, who is concerned about the prospect of the Educational Garden, the assistant to the Prime Minister Nairi Sargsyan got acquainted with the Educational Garden current problems to be solved.

It is good that the initiative “Residential Area without Bars or Fences” has come true with all of this, and I am sure you will feel its beneficial impact throughout Armenia in the near future.

An open discussion of the draft budget of Yerevan Community for 2020 is the best opportunity to reflect on the work and tasks to be done aimed at the integrity of the Educational garden. I am authorized by the Sebastatsi Educational Community to suggest or request the following:

  1. To suspend the construction permit, under an unknown project, within the bounderies of Yerevan Malatia Sebastia Administrative District Pre-School Educational Institution N° 93 and the Northern School Garden of the Educomplex (our Art School).
  2. To urgently improve the pedestrian’s hilly passageway up to Raffi street and Holy Trinity Church. This passageway transforms an entire residential suburb into a busy, fully inclusive, fast-paced road making the way for the students and teachers (regardless of their affiliation), residents and the disabled with strollers safe, short and comfortable.
  3. To eliminate fences and barriers between the Kindergartens No.93, No.76 and the Northern School Garden of the Educomplex (according to the construction project of the residential suburb no fences were planned), making the modern unified safe zone possible.


  • The Educomplex is a state organization. Every square meter of our land, all our property is state owned. We cannot conquer the land. If this is a concern, relax!
  • The interests of Bleyan Open Network are out of this administrative district. Any educational institution or group may be included in the Bleyan Network only on a voluntary basis, on compliance with certain conditions.

Always Yours, Ashot Bleyan

Translator: Yura Ganjalyan

By admin