Beauty will flood in through the festival tube and clean our rivers – river beds, settlements …  

From the Educomplex director’s diary notes 

Bleyan’s School, “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex has become, is becoming 30 years old.

We are beginning our celebrations of the Annual Creative May Gathering on May 13-18, then we will continue it as a joyful festivity until May 26-28, then the festivity will get a a camp-review organization with educational projects until June 13, and then beginning from June 13 we will be in a festive mood and feel that we will be able to turn over mountains and even more with our Annual International Festival of Sculpture, Architecture and Environment in yerevan, Ijevan, Arates. Armenian-Italian international festival is comfortably fitted in my diart note like Vigen Avetis has done it in my life. Vigen Avetis left for Florence last night. He will be the official representative of our educational network in the international symposium in Florence on April 27.․․․

The creative gathering will highlight the projects and the initiatives directed to the festival camp and the educational camps starting on June 1. There is no time left, we should act now, otherwise we will not manage to do it or we’ll do it partially. I would rather you didn’t do anything if you feel like being a bystander. The camp has started, is going on and transforming its idea with the help of the learners and teachers. Come on, take the responsibility.   

The camps starting on May 27, will appear in the projects of the Annual International Festival of Sculpture, Architecture and Environment from on the 1st of June. 

On these days you should master the festival program and working plan with all its projects at home and at school, in team work and individually. You should confirm your participation by registering your applications. The camps and the projects are open. Encourage your friends and acquaintances to join in the festival. 

All the camp activities for different age groups with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, bikes, farming and gardening activities, animal care on the farm, are starting on May 27 and will continue during the whole summer.  

The tent camps in Arates (a mountainous village in Armenia) and Zhayr (a rest zone on the shore of Lake Sevan) are five-day-long with the following components:military sportive, ecological, acting in emergency situations, reading and country studies.

Our camps in the South-West district of Yerevan (Bangladesh), Arates, Sevan or on any other platform of the festival, are ecological gatherings of friendship, autonomy – self-service, solidarity, creativity and recognition – open schools in nature. What else should I say? Packing the rucksack, forming a team, writing an application and coming to an agreement with the shift coordinator.

Let’s celebrate the most enthusiastic June and share this diary note of mine as a message, a telegram, an invitation, a call, with all the active links.

Hi, my June!

The second week of the educational camps, determined by the curriculum, is a review of already established camps, intuitiveness, autonomy and independence of campers, transferring camp traditions. This is a full camp week which is mandatory according to the curriculum, educational contract and educational calendar. These are plein air, project based  review camps of supplementary education starting on June 10. This year they are called festival camps in Yerevan and outgoing tent camps in Arates (a village in Vayots Dzor Province), Madina (a village in Gegharkunik Province) and in Zhayr (a rest zone on the shore of Lake Sevan). These camps are equally accessible for the children who do not study at “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex.             

Our College with its project group is in Arates now, the Middle School with its research tent group is in Madina, the ninth graders are taking their military sportive tests in the Zhayr Rest Zone on the shore of Lake Sevam. Let them welcome the 1st of June, the calendar festival beginning of summer.

The shifts of those camps will be started with the July 5 WED. Until then we will be preparing for the tent camps by acquiring the necessary skills for field activities having such a powerful, reliable supporter as the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia. If it goes like this the system of nature protection Armenia will also join us. Teach us to make our environment a school in nature, it is a real educational summer.  

I welcome the coordinated proposal from the Pedagogical Center and the festival office to involve the campers of the June-July camps in the festival projects and ensure their participation in them. In this way, our June beach camps will also act as educational creative gatherings of the learners of different age groups. Our camps become fully open and international with the camps in Arates, Sevan Zhayr, Madina Tent Camp, with the reception of Istanbul Kedronakan College, with our outgoing detachment in Paris, with our detachments in Izmir Space Camp.      

On June 10 our open beach camps are starting which will continue and become international until September.

Yesterday the application forms for the participation in the Annual International Festival of  Sculpture, Architecture and Environment were circulated project by project on the Internet giving a chance to every creative teenager, young man, specialist to participate in it, and also giving a chance to every province, town or village, any settlement to become a platform for this festival.    

Yesterday we visited the participant of the festival, Art State College after Panos Terlemezyan. We had a meeting with the students studying to become sculptors, painters and designers. The aim of the meeting was to raise the motivation of the students to participate in the festival. We will soon visit the Art Academy with Vigen Avetis, we will also receive the students and specialists from the faculty of architecture. We are going to visit Arates, Yeghegis, Getamech to register the state of readiness for the festival. Invite us, call us, and we will not be irresponsive.   

Translator: Yura Ganjalyan

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