Margaret Sargsyan    

The October and May creative gatherings, determined by the development of the author educational program and fixed in the annual EduComplex calendar, are platforms that have a pedagogical history and are distinguished by their uniqueness.

The October gathering of this year is the 18th. Like every year, this year the October gathering became an open platform for pedagogical discussions and project presentations. Creative gatherings are not organized as events in the educational complex. they are naturally generated platforms for author pedagogy activity and the working calendar.

Our pedagogical gatherings are opportunities to talk about pedagogy, to present pedagogy and to highlight real problems. It is important for teachers to be able to present their work, including students, to show how they work as a team. Those performances should be real deeds in an educational environment. The task of bringing pedagogy to a live platform and making it important is more than vital today.

The teacher’s profession is becoming less and less demanded, neglected. All young people know that the work of a teacher is hard, unimportant and underpaid. The salary is low, the demands and work are gradually increasing, the doubts and often irrelevant certifications are increasing. The actual proof of what I said is that the vacancies of teachers are increasing every year, and young people do not want to become teachers.

It is interesting that the child of any official hasn’t expressed his wish to deal with pedagogy.I have not come across such a case in the last thirty-forty years. Pedagogy needs to be highlighted and presented from a different perspective. It needs rebranding. The old approaches and emphases do not work, there is no new one. The learner, the student should see perspective, interest, opportunity to be recognized, famous, and well paid in pedagogy.

Our annual pedagogical gatherings are attempts to evaluate teachers, present modern pedagogy, and create dialogue and partnership between teachers. Modern pedagogy is created by modern pedagogues, not avoiding making mistakes, talking about problems, thus ensuring development. Our author pedagogy, with its annual gatherings, creates and presents a new culture of modern Armenian pedagogy.

This year’s October gathering was distinguished by its round tables that presented new directions and developments, raised important issues. Joint work with innovations in the educational environment, joint developments of the environment and educational content as solutions.

Here is the announcement of the 18th annual autumn creative pedagogical gathering.

We selected the directions of the round tables this year taking into account the development, the demands of partners, other interested groups, and the accumulated problems. These meetings of author pedagogy are distinguished by their liveliness and immediacy. Projects are ongoing and open not only to new ideas, but also inclusive: they can include new people and groups.

  • Educational expeditional, military sports camps are a tool for ensuring the standards of general education: Martha Asatryan and friends. The principles and development of this year’s Sports Camp were presented at this round table. Sports camps in the educational complex and their organization are determined by the curriculum, and we have a clearly formed, formulated experience over the years.  
  •  The new educational informative system as an open platform of the educational program. Suggestion and justification by Nara Nikoghosyan and friends. We have talked about the difficulties associated with presenting the author educational program on a common platform at different stages. The round table was also aimed at raising these problems and presenting possible solutions.
  •  Students’ startup projects: training with production. Presentation of the results of the activity of production training groups of the EduComplex and presentation and discussion of student initiatives, proposed new projects.   
  •  Inclusion of the foreign language speaking learner in the Armenian school: “Dpir” magazine, Mariette Simonya and friends. How to include foreign language speaking learners? The EduComplex already has a registered experience. That experience was presented. It was stated that there was a need to present the experience as a complete program. Students and parents spoke, presented their experience of inclusion.           

The October gathering brought together the partner groups of the author educational program and became the beginning of new ideas and manuals, which will be summed up already at the May annual gathering.

The learner and the teacher acquire important public speaking and presentation skills. It is good that talking about pedagogy is highlighted, ensuring process and development, encouraging and promoting active groups. These active groups are the promoters of pedagogy, the transferers of skills through the learner-teacher project. Our EduComplex is open for proposals and collaborations.

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